About Black Stuff

Complement your diet with nature's own active ingredients

Black Stuff may look and sound a bit mysterious. However, traditional treatments have used various wood extracts and chaga for thousands of years. The raw materials of Black Stuff come from the ordinary forest. However, what we put in our bags is far from ordinary.

Active ingredients are produced slowly in nature, some over millions of years in the soil's humus layer and in deeper sediments as organic matter degrades and deforms as a result of bacterial and enzymatic activities. Such folk health promoting substances have been used for thousands of years in Asia, for example a substance called “shilajit”. However, you do not have to wait millions of years because we have developed laboratory methods that speed up this natural process.

Humic substances, ie lignins, lignophenols, fulvic and humic acids as our secret

The active ingredients in our products have undergone hundreds of published university studies. Our development team has been collecting information for years, and has been developing the product composition and manufacturing process, following scientific publications and research findings in the industry.

Polyphenols, lignins and fulvic and humic acids are also currently being extensively studied by the pharmaceutical industry for their therapeutic effects. The good news for you is that you don't have to wait. These natural super substances are now available to you right now, as a nutritional supplement.

What do these substances do?

Humic substances transport nutrients inside living organisms such as trees, animals and humans, while removing waste products such as heavy metals. They also carry hydrogen atoms, ions, and even single electrons in the body, thus regulating oxidation-reduction reactions, that is, oxidation and antioxidation where and how these reactions are needed. So these organic acids are involved in the chemical regulation of your body as nature intended it to be. And your gut bacteria just love humic substances. They bring your intestines as close to the natural state as they can in the western habitat.

In our view, humic substances are as essential to our nutrition as  minerals and vitamins. Do you get enough humus in your diet?

What can you expect from Black Stuff?

Black Stuff is no substitute for a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle. It is not intended to diagnose, prevent or treat any disease. In our view, Black Stuff supplements a healthy lifestyle and diet by supporting healthy metabolism and gut microbiome.

The effects are individual, but most of our users report a reduction in stomach upset, better endurance and a faster recovery in sports. Many of our users have also reported a decrease in yearly flu occurences during the use of our product. However, we do not make any health claims about our product. They have to be experienced by yourself.

Use of the Product

Black Stuff mixes easily with hot and cold liquids such as coffee. The temperature of the liquid does not affect the product. The taste is similar to what one would expect mixing chaga tea with cocoa and a hint of vanilla.


We recommend 1 capsule (0.5 g) per day, regardless of whether you are trying to fix a health problem or just maintain a healthy lifestyle. A higher dose is not needed, as the body simply does not consume more than necessary. You could also use 2 capsules per day  especially amidst the worst flu seasons to increase your Microbiome strength.

If you are on medication:

It is recommended that you always consult your doctor, pharmacist or professional nutritionist if the nutritional supplement is taken at the same time as the medication. Nutritional supplement(s) may affect the way medicines work.

How about science?

Due to the regulations of The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), we can´t make any health claims concerning our product. However, we have studied it in the Riga Stradiņš University in Latvia. Here you can download a summary report of our independent study on Black Stuff´s antioxidant potential (in vitro).