Green World Solutions OU have continuous ongoing work in creating something that is not only better, but different from products that are available on the market. 

We proudly say that our products are discovered not simply produced.

The Institute of Innovative Biomedical Technologies has highest standards of GMP facility and long history in natural ingredient use for treating unnaturally developed health related problems. 

We combine best knowledge with our vision to create products that are targeted to overcome health issues that have NO cure today from conventional medicine.

Capsulation and Packaging is provided by SILVANOLS Pharmaceutical company GMP certified. 

Studies and tests are provided by Hamilton Lab, Auctoritas, Riga Stradins Medical University, University of Latvia., 


"One thing is clear - in Nature there are remedies against existing viruses and those that still arise as a result of mutations. The protective potential of plants is enormous. Otherwise, the evolution of animals would have stopped long ago and life on Earth would disappear."

Professor Dmitry Babarykin 
Institute of Innovative Biomedical Technology