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* improved digestion
* reduced pain in joints and muscles
* better mood
* more energy
* improved resistance to disease
* reduced skin problems
* deeper sleep


Dates, flax flour, cacao, pine bark and birch chaga extract rich in fulvic and humic acid


We recommend 1 truffle per day, regardless of whether you are trying to fix a health problem or just maintain a healthy lifestyle. A higher dose is not needed, as the body simply does not consume more than necessary.

HAPPY TUMMY story starts with memories from our parent childhood. Those were times when they got home in the evening, all the places were black and covered in mud and soil, and there was nothing wrong with their health. Today, however, we do not have this dirt and soil in our lives because the goods found in store shelves are often sterile, the cultivation is poor in nutrients due to the conditions, and in many cases the food is also genetically modified and grown with pesticides.
However, this lack of nutrients and minerals plays a big role in the origin of our health - the gut.

That's why we've come up with Happy Tummy truffles for kids!
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