Becky and Black Stuff Man in ZooEXPO 2023

Becky's story with happy end!

Hi, this is Lily with a story about my dog :) 

My dog is an Italian greyhound Becky (CANIS NOBILITAS RIBECCA). At 8 months old she caught some virus, she was very sick, vomiting and we went to the vet clinic. There she was given a subcutaneous injections between her shoulder blades, after which she developed a bald spot at the injection site, as well as an allergic reaction in the form of baldness on her head and ears. We used various ointments and medicines, but the baldness did not go away.

It was only in May at a dog show that we found out about Black Stuff products. We bought Black Balance for dogs and added several pieces to our dog's diet every day. And Becky was happy to eat it. After about a month, the bald spots completely disappeared!

In August, our dog was able to take part in the show and won the title "LKKK Junior Winner '23"!

I am sure it was thanks to the Black Stuff products. Huge thanks to Aivis for telling us in detail about the product and explaining how to use it!

Becky champion dog

Now Becky is already a Young Champion of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Baltics, and Belarus. 

I highly recommend it!


Lily, Becky's owner.

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