How to deal with acid reflux and what actually causes it?

How to deal with acid reflux and what actually causes it?

Have you ever experienced that uncomfortable burning sensation in your stomach or chest after eating? If so, you're familiar with acid reflux, a prevalent digestive disorder that affects a growing number of individuals. Unfortunately, I am not an exception and have been grappling with this issue since a young age. Through years of personal experience, I've gained insights into the true causes of acid reflux and discovered natural ways to manage it effectively.

So this is my story! 

Me: Mom! I have bad feelings in stomach!

Mom: You know what to do, son. Little Hydrochloric acid bottle is in kitchen. Just add 10 drops and wait for a while it will help..

Me: Why me? Why am i the only one in our family with these cramps?

Mom: I have had them as well all my life and your grandma as well, but we know this trick with Hydrochloric acid and we just do it every time when we our stomach burns. We just open kitchen cupboard, add 10 drops into the glass of water and drink it. It is genetically passed down the family generations probably.  This is so minor compared to others who are having more serious illnesses, be happy that you have such small problem!

So I listened every time about how lucky I am to have such minor health issue compared to other kids who are having bigger health treats passed from their ancestors…

Daughter: Dad, I have terrible burning in my stomach again!

Me: You know what to do. There is a RENNY in kitchen drawer. Take it and if it does not help, then take also OMAPREZOL or Mezimforte… see what is left there. I will buy more today, no worries!

Daughter: Why me?

Me: You know, you should be happy, because other kids have inherited more serious illnesses from their parents. You are lucky one! Smile!


… here I will save your time in reading, because you know what I will tell to my daughter, since I still have good memory and an advice from my Mom to pass to next generations as family been living with these issues generation after generation and modern pharma has helped us to overcome these problem! Lucky us!

Is in it conversation that we do have almost daily in our families???

I started to write this blog in the evening, but 5 AM I jumped out of the bed like I would be stricken by thunder!!!

In my childhood I was given an acid, but to my daughter gave a pill that is suppressing acid, pill that is alkaline… OMG! This is something weird. Why there are now 2 totally opposite approaches to get rid of acid reflux symptoms?

Miracle pill

So here comes the part where it starts to make sense!  All my childhood nightmares were swept away in one go… What did happened? Did pharma made a miracle pill? Oooo… NO!

India soil problem

It is 2017…I am on the trip to India or we even considered ourselves that we were on the mission to make a World better place. We identify that farming has gone too far with artificial fertilisers and soil has been completely depleted. Crops and plants are struggling to grow. Plants are attacked by numerous diseases. Pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and what else are used to push for yields. Problem that no-one is really caring about healthy soil! Big FARM ( you can read as BIG PHARM… ) has made not only humans dependant on pills and drugs, but same has happened to farming as well.

Chemical overload on crops in India

So we have great partnership from Finland and technology that trough green waste composting will produce cooking gas for Indians as well as compost for soils. Isn’t it great idea? It is! Everybody was so exited and truly supportive since understood the solution for soil problem fix.

Task is simple. First to make a pilot plant. We have green waste, that is simply a green mass from fields, like straw, sugar cane leftovers, leaves, basically anything that has grown, but left on the field to be either simply burned or damped into the ditch on the side of the field.

BioGas India project

So gas plant looks like big compost heap that is in concrete box, covered with membrane and bacteria will take care… bacteria… here is the problem. It is so tricky to import bacteria. We have headache, because we know that it is almost impossible. What to do? First have a call back to Finland and ask their opinion.

We are on the phone describing the problem to Finnish engineer Erkki who is behind the invention and guy listens, but then comes the best part.

He says: “We do not import any bacteria, we get there in India.”

I go: “ Where?”

He:” Get the Indian's poop!”

Me:” What?”

He:” Yes, it is exactly same bacteria that is thermophilic one and we need local one that will deal with the local green waste.”

Me:” Wow, great solution!”

Our team was on the move again and were calculating how many peoples poop we do need, since we need almost 500 kg of this mass to spray on top of the compost. We were planning to have nice discreet toilets and planned how to collect it. Yes, sounds messy, but we have a mission, to restore the soil, to help farmers…

Morning was not so bright as we wake up, but we did not have ready plan on poop collection.

Call to Finland. Explained the problem, but guy on other side starts to laugh. So what is so funny?

He:” We need only one sample! That’s all! “

Me:” What? How do we get 500 kg? Is it kind of biblical method???”

He:” Problem is your understanding the metabolism and Nature itself. So that is why humanity is so sick, because you do not get basic things about health itself! We just take it and feed it with prebiotics, with soluble fibre. That will speed up the bacteria growing process. It is exactly that is happening in human gut! Same bacteria we have as there is in the soil that is under our feet! That is why you are all so sick , since you are like plants in the pots with lost connection to the soil! You are like drug addicts living on pills and relying on cures that Pharma will provide to every sickness that comes around.”

So you can imagine that after this long of a monolog from Erkki we started to think and realised that sayings like, you are what you eat, all sickness comes from gut, from soil we come and there we return, are not taken from fairy tales, but truly are basics of Nature. 

Long story short… we never built a one biogas plant in India, but returned back home with inspiring idea to make a product that would help humans who really want to fix their digestion!

It took us almost four years until we managed to find the way how to make soluble fibre that works as prebiotic and contains large amount of humic and fulvic acids is beneficial to our gut bacteria or as we call it microbiome now-days.

The Black Stuff

Natural product for acid reflux relief


What happened to my and my daughters acid reflux? Day 1 since we started using the new product in our diet, our reflux was gone! Gone and have never returned! Not once!

Now it is clear to me how and why acid reflux was happening. I am on the mission to share my story with others as well! 

Biohackers summit 2023

Acid in stomach is not overproduced. It was acid that was pushed against my digestions closing valve, that was not closing properly and due to semi opened stage it was letting up to the trachea some acid that was burning the tissues in throat since they do not have same protection layer as stomach. 

So now I can explain it. We shall pay attention to the whole digestive system. Our digestion starts in our mouth where teeth and saliva do the first part. Then stomach with an acid that is almost pure HCl Hydrochloride acid shall dissolve food that arrives there. Task is to brake it down into pate that shall path further into small intestine. Our stomach is in size of our fist if it is empty and can expand in size once we fill it with food several times.

But then comes digestion system’s part that we usually underestimate in importance, it is our small and large intestine that is average 8 meters long. 8 meters!!! That is part where our microbes live within us and in symbiosis with us. They are 2-3 kg in mass. They outnumber us in their DNA hundred times! That is Universe within us. They live there and will do everything to live there as long us possible, but our task is to give them right elements for their living and elements that they in exchange for place, warmth and Oxygen that we humans provide them, give us digested elements like minerals, micro-elements, proteins and vitamins from food that we provide. But in order for them to work and supply us properly they need tools that are these prebiotics and humic substances that we should be always getting from soil trough proper and organic food. Since our food is over-processed, cleaned, pasteurised and lacking humic and fulvic acids… our microbiome suffers and we suffer too.

If microbes are struggling with digestion process => small intestine is not accepting and not passing trough food that microbes can not digest=> it sometimes even pushing back and holding back undigested food that leads to food blockages in stomach. Once stomach is still full, that we even may feel as heavy stone a like feeling in stomach, there is no place to acid than going back into throat.

Message to anyone who struggles with reflux is following. Do not fight with problem just in stomach by adding either alkaline pill to reduce acidity or use extra hydrochloride acid dose to brake down food in stomach by increasing the acid amount in stomach itself. Instead of it think as whole digestion system in complex. Help you microbiome to digest and move food down the tube properly, give them Fulvic acid rich food or supplement, so they can work the way as Nature has designed us. It is so simple! That is why Hippocrates has said thousands years ago: All disease start in gut! So it means that also our health starts there! 

Sincerely yours,


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