Finnish Triathlon Champion 2023 50+

Story of Jarno Eerikäinen, Finnish ultimate triathlete.

Hello everyone!

My progress was nothing short of astonishing. Swiftly, I found myself back in peak competitive shape, even securing a prominent position within the +50 year old age group. Before 2023 winnings, I had 4 bronze metals in Finnish championships, 2021 and 2022. What truly amazed me was the accelerated recovery after intense workouts, evident through reduced lactic acid buildup and muscle cramps. This past summer, I proudly clinched two gold medals in my age group for triathlon, marking an impressive 7th and 8th overall position among male athletes. Undoubtedly, much of this success is owed to the invaluable support of Black Stuff. Even I have done multiple sports all my life, in triathlon I am still new. Four years of hard training have brought results.
Jarno Eerikäinen Finnish Champion 2023
Admittedly, the narrative of a Finnish PT athlete might lack some of the extravagant elements found in other tales, but rest assured, it's an accomplishment no less worthy of celebration.

Driven by my meticulous and detail-oriented nature, I delved deeper into the science behind the effectiveness of Black Stuff. Initiating a conversation with the Black Stuff team, I explored the profound impact of the product on athletic performance. Their insights provided invaluable guidance, helping me maximise the benefits of the supplement in sports and optimise my intestinal microbiome through complementary supplements. I can see huge advance from Black Stuff for any person, who wants to upgrade energy levels, vitality and keeping stomach in condition too. Not forgetting that even sweet craving could be much less, when using regularly Black Stuff.
I use it daily basis, in my morning coffee, 1/4 tea spoon included, makes also nice taste for it. I also add it to my daily water intake, about 1/4 tea spoon to 1 litre water. Helps also in hydration, if hot weather or heavy exercises.


Jarno Eerikäinen Finnish Champion 2023


In closing, I'm honoured to stand before you as the Finnish Champion of 2023, titles that encapsulates resilience, dedication, and the remarkable transformation that can be achieved with the right support.

With profound gratitude,
Jarno Eerikäinen




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