Tallinn International Horse Show 2021

Black Stuff team in Tallinn International Horse Show 2021.

Black Stuff Tallinn International Horse Show
The 18th Tallinn International Horse Show took place from 1-3 October 2021, which also included two World Cup rounds. The competition days were long and the excitement continued throughout the weekend.
We went with the Black Stuff team to participate and watch all the competitors. In addition to the Black Stuff Estonia members, we were helped by colleagues from Latvia and Finland. We were also happy to welcome rider Andrius Petrovas from Lithuania, who won three first and one third place in different competitions in Tallinn event. All of his horses consume Black Balance biscuits, which have been specially developed for horses.
By the way, we can say that Black Stuff has a long-standing collaboration with two Latvian veterinarians from Institute of Life and Science (Latvia), Dana and Nauris Laizans, with whom we have been studying the effects of Black Stuff on these large animals and their microbiome. The results have been telling and we will soon be publishing their content in more detail.
In short, Black Stuff helps: 
- heal stomach ulcers and restore natural gut microflora
- recover faster from joint injuries and laminitis (inflammation of the hoof).
- better behaviour in stressful situations, including during competitions and travelling
The last point is well illustrated by the following video, which we recorded on Saturday evening after the CSI2*-W - 145 cm race, in which Andrius Petrovas came third. The video clearly shows the stress that competition situations can cause to horses. In the middle of the prize handling ceremony one horse managed to remain calmer than the others. Whether this was directly due to the consumption of Black Balance we cannot say, but it is what it is :-) 
Horses consuming Black Balance managed to achieve quite a few podium places at the Tallinn International Horse Show. Congratulations to Andrius Petrovas and Matas Petraitis as well as all the other participants!
We invite all amateur and competitive riders to take good care of their horse's microbiome. If you would like to receive more information on this subject, please contact us on mail! info@blackstuff.world
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