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Respiratory viruses and natural remedies

What I think about it, what to do? My answer is not to panic and prepare as much as it happens every year.

Yes, the virus mutates. Whether pharmaceutical science and industry will follow this process, I don’t know. Synthesizing new chemical molecules with antiviral action is not an easy task, more than that it takes time. But let's return to Nature!

I agree with the opinions already expressed by many doctors around the World, that a number of existing drugs, including those that are not classified as antiviral, can be used in the treatment of newly emerging flu. The fact is, that unlike synthetic substances, natural compositions have a weaker, but wider spectrum of action, cause fewer undesirable effects. Therefore, there is reason to expect that the strain of the notorious coronavirus, as well as its “future versions,” will be sensitive to phytochemical compositions that come from Nature.  Our long experience working with the antiviral dietary supplements developed at our Institute is encouraging in the fight against coronavirus and most of them are made from plant extracts with a scientifically proven effect. The same plants being used in oriental medicine with “ordinary” colds and flu.

One thing is clear - in Nature there are remedies against existing viruses and those that still arise in future as a result of mutations. The protective potential of plants is enormous. Otherwise, the evolution of animals would have stopped long ago and life on Earth would disappear./ Dmitry Babarykin, Ph.D.,Ph.D.,   Assoc. professor of the University of Latvia

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