Everything is about communication between our cells!

Everything is about communication between our cells!

Constantly swaying and coming back to the centre

Everything in the body (and among human beings) is about communication – between individual cells and entire organs. The result is your functioning body which knows how to laugh beautifully, dance merrily, or perhaps program a computer game involving singing unicorns in spacesuits (please, someone make this!). A fascinating example of communication on cellular and organ level is the cooperation of the vagus nerve with our microbiome, brain, as well as the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system of many internal organs (more about this some other time perhaps). If the communication does not work – it is too weak, unclear, or on the contrary intense and chaotic – many health problems appear.

Besides symbiotic bacteria, there are many symbiotic viruses and fungi in our body. They too have to get along with us, usually by bartering – I will give you a certain compound if you rent me a cosy place to live in your small intestine. Alas, not every tenant is exemplary. And what about burglars and squatters? They form part of our everyday reality and thank god for that. If everything worked without a glitch and we were all happy all the time, the world would collapse, falling into stereotype and tedium, becoming unable to further perceive its happiness, and everybody would start attacking everyone else. People would wage wars out of boredom, and their immune cells would resemble a bored army equipped with all the weapons and power imaginable, while looting and destroying its surroundings because it lacks an equal opponent. This is how autoimmune diseases are born.

Psoriasis, for instance, an autoimmune inflammatory skin disease, can serve as an example of overactive skin cell production caused by chaotic and imprecise inflammatory signals. There is no message that reads “there are too many of us now, we are dying, stop making new ones” coming back from the skin cells. And if there is, it goes unheard because the messenger fell asleep along the way or simply does not feel like working. Even cancer is often not a problem of itself, but rather a signal our body sends in response to an existing imbalance – an autoimmune response to an excess of stimuli.

This brings us back to the chaga mushroom and Black Stuff. This is exactly the kind of nag that ensures our cellular army does not become bored. It is our helper, but – like everything else in the world – does not work wonders by itself, it is not a magic pill. You cannot find a magic pill at the pharmacy either, and even if it seems you have, it will probably not work for long. The thing is that if our body is not forced to help itself, if we supply it with everything necessary from the outside – enzymes, hormones, and other signal and performing molecules – it stops paying attention, stops producing them itself, becomes lazy and fully dependent on an external source of everything it needs. Not taking the pill, even for a single day, might lead to death. By giving up the responsibility for our illnesses and problems, we also renounce our right to support our own health. And it would be a tremendous pity if we were to become powerless puppets. Every little effort we make to promote our health brings us closer to a better version of ourselves, on all levels imaginable. Black Stuff activates the body itself, rendering it self-reliant and strong. Do you now feel the same hunger for life and desire to improve as me?

How do the omnipresent electrons and electric charges fit into the equation? The human body, like every other kind of matter in space, is a densified form of energy. This energy comes from electrons and they must be in equilibrium – in mutual interaction and communication. If the interaction becomes too aggressive, the body is torn under the strain of oxidative stress. If it is too passive, the body becomes apathetic and withers.

Every extreme is harmful and as a graduated molecular biologist I must quote Paracelsus, just like Veronika always does: “The difference between medicine and poison is in the dose.” In and of itself, nothing is poison or medicine – and now I am not just speaking about such substances, but about everything we come into contact with.

Black Stuff is not a solution to everything and perhaps it is not even for everybody. But it can be another missing piece of the puzzle on our way to enhancing our health. With optimised vitamin, mineral, water, and nutrient absorption, we can support the functioning of our body which has been languishing on certain levels for a long time, and thus improve the quality of our hair, nails, and skin, boost our immunity, and reduce acid reflux, bloating, joint pain and inflammation, digestive disorders, headaches, and even hangover. It also works in animals with similar ailments (with the kind exception of hangover), which is not surprising since their biology does not differ greatly from our own. But be careful! Black Stuff works with individual differences for each one of us, in harmony with our genetics, epigenetic, and context. It does not promise specific effects because it supports our individual health and functioning of the body, and this is why the improvement will manifest itself on a level on which your body in particular has been suffering. Black Stuff is a tool to be tested, not medicine, food, or a miracle. It is a way to support your body just enough so that it can regenerate by itself, the way it needs.

Uffff. That was more than enough information and context!

Let us summarise in a very simple way the manner in which Black Stuff works:

  1. It eliminates heavy metals, toxins, parasites, and free radicals from the body – it has antioxidant properties.
  2. It maintains balance in the processes in our cells and our microbiome – it promotes homeostasis.
  3. It assists in nutrient, vitamin, and mineral absorption – it works as an effective transporter.

Every capsule is a small helper with a big impact. Will you try yours?

Kristýna Zezulová

Molecular & neurophysiology scientist

Systers Bio s.r.o. https://www.systers.bio/en/about-us/

Kristýna has a cosmic quantity of questions in her head. However, the whole universe and its wise secrets are also found in the brain, and only through it. Through purely scientific experiments, even those that have been sewn on their knees for generations, they try to understand the body, mind, and peace around us and within us. She loves thinking in the open air and her life oscillates around balance.

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