How to deal with constipation during pregnancy?

How to deal with constipation during pregnancy?

Hello, I'm Jane, and I'm currently in my ninth month of pregnancy. It's been a ride with its ups and downs, and one of the not-so-pleasant downsides has been dealing with constipation. It's not the fanciest topic, but it's a real issue for many expectant mothers.

I'm a certified breastfeeding consultant, and visiting young moms is my daily routine. So, as you may guess, we ladies talk, and once we are face to face, then we can discuss topics that we would not discuss in public. Probably it is part of our Estonian culture that some sensitive problems we do not want to talk about, but we should actually. Constipation is not just the physical problem that you find yourself struggling with bad feelings in your stomach.

So, think this way. What will happen to some food that is starting to go bad in a jar, for example, some salad? So, we imagine that is our gut now. First, it does not taste good, then it starts to smell bad. Okay, so far we are doing well, but then once, let’s say normal fermentation is over, some bacteria that are usually good ones start to lack in food and start to die. Then comes that part where dead bacteria start to decompose to produce toxins. Then comes into the game called bad bacteria, that replace good ones. This is the moment when three days of food in your gut are staying too long. Toxins are NOT your friends anymore! They penetrate your body through your one-layer cell gut wall and attack you.

Long story short… get your gut working like clockwork and process your food in max 3 days.

How does Black Stuff may help?

The answer is simple. First of all, Black Stuff is rich in fulvic acid! So this is a key player here. The whole idea is to help your good bacteria digest food effectively and quickly. So, fulvic acid is that miracle substance that works as the transport unit and quickly helps to absorb needed elements from your food to your body and at the same time provides a cleaning process for your cells.

It's all about the right speed of digestion… not too slow and not too fast, balance. Here, my story ends. I thought sharing my experience might help someone else in the same boat.

You're not alone on this journey, and there are ways to find relief and embrace the everyday joys of pregnancy. Wishing you all the best on your path to motherhood!
Jane Reino
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