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Oncologist's experience

I was introduced to Black stuff product almost a year ago. Working with cancer patients I understand the huge impact gut health does to our overall well-being. It directly relates to optimal immune function, it is key to adequate nutrient absorption and elimination of toxins. According to science gut might be the most important organ in our body with hard to comprehend magnificent amount of bacteria which are shaping our health one way or another. Gut has its independent nervous system, we might say the second brain we have in our body, therefore, it is of utmost importance to keep it healthy. I’ve seen with many patients who are diligent and committed to eating good and healthy foods, adding vital supplements but sometimes it is not enough, due to various factors the gut is not capable to perform optimal absorption. I am impressed to get to know Black Stuff which mitigates these shortcomings. Black Stuff has shown its potential in aiding gut health, improving gastrointestinal symptoms, such as bloating or diarrhoea, even cramps in the belly. It helps with absorption of vital nutrients, aids in the everyday crucial detoxification, thus can ease problems when some has hangover from a chill evening. Black Stuff is a blend of valuable elements such as polyphenols, lignine, fulvic and humic acids. These elements provide additional benefits aiding in antioxidation and cleansing  from harmful bacteria. The product comes directly from Nature and we know that Nature always knows what is the best. Therefore I give my credit to Black Stuff team and wish them success with development of the product and doing scientific research in order to make Black Stuff more available to people worldwide. 
Integrative oncologist, Linda Brokane
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