How can Black Stuff affect my Microbiome, immunity, energy, beauty and weight?

How can Black Stuff affect my Microbiome, immunity, energy, beauty and weight?

Practically and humanly about the Black Stuff and our Microbiome.

What lies at the heart of the poodle of our troubles? 

As a society, we function far below our body's optimum. This partly stems from an excess of stress and stimuli, partly from a lack of a full-fledged diet fed with quality food or grown on a quality substrate that contains not only inorganic components, but also organic substances and living microorganisms. We often consume food from large farms and factory farming, where the land is largely exploited. 

Unfortunately, even though we take great care in our diet, even the highest quality organic food can be poorer in nutrient content than it used to be due to land exploitation. As a result, there is a deficit of nutrients, minerals or trace elements, which in turn leads to a significant reduction in vital energy, poorer digestion, deteriorated skin quality or reduced immunity and many other problems. 

If we find that we lack a mineral substance, we automatically reach for food supplements. Unfortunately, often without effect. It is not so important what amount of the substance we take, but what part is biologically available - i.e. what amount actually penetrates the organs and cells and will be absorbed and used. 

The bioavailability of a substance is influenced by many factors – our current state of health, the state of the intestinal microbiome, epigenetic settings, the level of stress, the ability to transport the substance through the intestinal epithelium... Often, expensive food supplements without proper absorption become just "expensive beans" without the desired effect.

So how to support the absorption of substances? 

Black Stuff helps with absorbency

Black Stuff is not black magic or a miraculous revolution in the form of a newly synthesised compound. It is the result of the discovery of a way to repeat the natural processes of decomposition of nutrients in the soil, which enrich it - that is, it was invented by Nature itself. Many years of research and luck are behind this fascinating black powder. As a result, we have at our disposal one of the strongest antioxidants in the World. 

The basis of its success is a natural extract from the adaptogenic chaga mushroom and humic acids from pine bark. Thanks to them, Black Stuff helps nutrients, fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals get into the body and serve as nourishment for each of our cells. 

It is absorbed very efficiently and in large quantities. It is then immediately transported directly to the target cells by the blood through a fast pipeline. Bioavailability is therefore 20x higher than with other forms of mineral complexes. 

With its function, Black Stuff supports both the absorption of minerals and the excretion of toxic metals. By binding to unwanted toxins, it can send them to the appropriate "waste" limits and safely exclude them from the body. It therefore helps to create the right bean from an "expensive bean" that fulfills its excretory function according to our needs. 

With their antioxidant activity, the polyphenols from Black Stuff protect our cells from free radicals and oxidative stress. As a result, Black Stuff contributes to the balance of the organism and the microbiome and supports the production of energy through mitochondria - we feel recharged and better rested. 

And what is Chaga looking for in the complex? Chaga is such a handy watchman or a royal jester who, with his sharp jokes and constant activity, stirs up an uproar in the body and prevents the immune system from attacking itself out of boredom or falling into sleepy inattention. It gets the body into the right amount of positive stress, which is short-term and very beneficial. 

The therapeutic potential of Black Stuff lies in the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases (for example, the treatment and prevention of stomach ulcers), diabetes, skin problems and infections, as well as in the support of Alzheimer's disease, hormone regulation and the strengthening of the immune system and bone health. 

Black Stuff, fat and your figure

As I already mentioned, Black Stuff can handle a large dose of oxidative stress and toxic substances. How can this be related to our fat stores? 

Fat is a source of energy, fatty acids and mechanical protection against cold and injury. Equally important, although not as widely known, is its function as a safe reservoir of many toxins, which it envelops and inactivates. The more toxins flowing through our bodies, the more fat we have to store to keep us safe. Don't take my words the wrong way - not all stored fat is caused by toxins. However, protection against toxins is another piece of the meaningful puzzle in a holistic approach to health. 

If you responsibly take care of the base of the holistic pyramid and at the same time effectively get rid of toxic substances (with the help of antioxidants, which can be Black Stuff ), you don't even need that much fat in your body. You can even eat less than you are used to and still feel full because you can effectively absorb the required amount of nutrients from a much smaller amount of food. Drastic diets, on the other hand, can cause a dangerous imbalance. If you suddenly lose a lot of weight, but you don't get rid of toxins effectively, they all start to gradually wash out of the stored reservoirs into the body and can cause you many health complications, fatigue or other symptoms of poisoning. 

So what can Black Stuff help with?

  • replenishes energy and accelerates regeneration
  • improves sleep quality
  • isolates toxic substances from the body and helps healthy weight management
  • can help with joint pain
  • stabilises blood sugar and iron levels
  • helps with stress and inflammatory processes in the body
  • accelerates the healing of skin problems and inflammations in the mouth

In conclusion, dear Sys

Try this capsule once a day for at least a month and observe. 

It is very important to emphasise that depending on individual deficits or problems, Black Stuff helps everyone a little differently! However, do not be alarmed if the difficulties get worse in the beginning - the path to balance sometimes begins with this.

Black Stuff activates the body itself thanks to antioxidants, absorption support and chaga mushroom; makes him self-sufficient and strong. Like the Systers team, Black Stuff helps women (as well as men, children, dogs, cats or horses) to stand up for themselves and build their own resilience.

[ We are thinking of you. ]


(1) Research of the antioxidant potential and ability of Black Stuff to scavenge free radicals in vitro, Alise Silova, Dr. copper. Lead Researcher, RSU Laboratory of Biochemistry: 

Original source in Czech:


Kristýna Zezulová

Molecular & neurophysiology scientist, 

Systers Bio s.r.o.

Kristýna has a cosmic quantity of questions in her head. However, the whole universe and its wise secrets are also found in the brain, and only through it. Through purely scientific experiments, even those that have been sewn on their knees for generations, they try to understand the body, mind, and peace around us and within us. She loves thinking in the open air and her life oscillates around balance. 

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