''When Cyron was 1.5 years old, he suffered from severe poisoning.'' Dog Cyron & Black Balance Story

''When Cyron was 1.5 years old, he suffered from severe poisoning.'' Dog Cyron & Black Balance Story

Cyron (8 years old dog, White Swiss Shepherd) and his experiences with Black Balance.

When Cyron was 1.5 years old, he suffered from severe poisoning. He drank from a bucket that contained water with a chemical to disinfect the floor. This burned his esophagus, stomach, damaged his esophageal sphincter and he has suffered from reflux ever since.

In practice, this meant a diet modification: twice a day only kibble soaked until soft. No meat or large amounts of protein, because he couldn't digest them and vomited them up. Cyron was not allowed to be hungry, he was not allowed to drink large amounts of water, because the unstable stomach acids immediately caused him to vomit violently. Vomiting so strong that he couldn't handle and stop it himself (due to his damaged esophagus). I therefore had to always carry a shot of medication to help him. It was common for Cyron to burp and throw up like a little kid after eating. There were also the odd rumblings in his stomach and intestines, which I attributed to the effects of the poisoning.

I decided to try Black Balance. I figured if it would help him, I'd be happy! I have tried a lot of things in the past, including various probiotics, digestive traps, but unfortunately none of them had much effect. I was equally skeptical about Black Balance. Let's just try it and see!

Every day I gave Cyron 6 pieces of Black Balance and waited to see what would happen. For the first week, nothing much visible happened. But at the beginning of the second week, I started to notice firmer poops and Cyron's tummy growling started to subside. A few days later, however, a big change came that surprised me! For the first time in 6.5 years, Cyron did not burp or vomit after eating! Next, there was "more calm" after feeding. In the past, Cyron had to walk around the house after feeding to digest his food before he could go to sleep. After feeding with Black Balance, however, he climbs into his den, does a few laps and sleeps peacefully. This is a sign to me that his digestion must be working better somehow because he is no longer having a hard time after eating and is not vomiting.

I don't see any change in Cyron's mood, because he was a very happy and cheerful dog in the past despite all his difficulties.

Anyway, I am pleasantly surprised by the effects of Black Balance, I recommend it and we will definitely continue using it.

I wish all dog owners a wonderful day!

Věra Weber & dog Cyron from Prague, Czech Republic

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